AI & IOT At Fairiots, we believe in the power of combining AI & IOT and the enormous opportunities it will bring. However, we are also convinced that the path towards iT will be an evolution, not a revolution. 
The systems that exist today will evolve gradually, and their ability to support both people and machines will improve step by step. Fairiots takes you along this path of evolution. Modern-day magic at your fingertips.
What We Do

Delivering AI & IOT Services and Solutions

Fairiots, a branch of Faros, helps companies, innovate and maximize their investment on AI & IOT.

We cover the research, analysis, provide consulting services, enforce teams, and can co-create full scale projects. In all assignments our experts share and transfer their knowledge and experiences

Embrace Innovation
Introducing and embracing new technologies into your development and business processes, through prototyping or MVP development.
Pin-pointing our customers the impact and the benefits of AI and IOT. Making your organisation and your customers experience the power of innovative, disruptive solutions.
Empower Teams
In share experience workshops we upgrade your staff’s knowledge of of AI and/or IOT technologies.
Or if you want to enforce your team, Fairiots will provide skills and experienced AI or IOT consultants to speed up the analysis, development, testing, and/or implementation of your innovative projects.
Pin-pointing our customers the impact and the benefits of AI and IOT. Making your organisation and your customers experience the power of innovative, disruptive solutions.
Full Scale Co-Creation
Together with you we fully streamline and execute your innovation project, from inception through implementation. Based upon our best practices, and agile driven methodology, we co-create fully integrated production ­ready AI & IOT solutions.
Why co-create ? If we do not involve your team members, your project will not be successful and you will always depend up-on us, and that’s not our aim.

Our expertise

We share everyday

AI Technologies
Using modern development tools such as Frameworks – Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras Utilities – Pandas, scikit-learn, Sagemaker
ConnectedDevices-680px-1 copy-1
Integration & Visualisation
Dashboards, web/native applications and infrastructure based on Cloud – AWS, Docker, Serverless Front-end – Angular, React, Ionic
IOT Technologies
Building prototype devices using Harware – Microcontroller, Raspberry Pi Communication – LoRa, MQTT, SPI, I²C Manufacturing – 3D printing

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